There is an obsession happening with having gorgeous long, and ridiculously amazing lashes. We’re sure you’ve noticed too, right? Forget the lash serums, lengthening mascaras, and lash-fills— magnetic lashes and eyeliner are changing the game for fuller lashes. Now, you can swipe on your magnetic eyeliner, pop on your magnetic lashes, and have the lash-look you want in seconds. Or, go the OG route and sandwich your lashes between magnetized lash strips. 

Either way, we’re giving you a full list and guide to where to buy magnetic lashes and eyeliner with ratings to make your shopping a little (or a lot) easier. Just scroll down and you can easily see the lashes that have 5-star ratings and some that are 2. Plus, all of the top stores and brands that carry magnetic lashes and even magnetic eyeliner. 

Magnetic Lashes at Target:

Magnetic Lashes at Ulta:

Magnetic Lashes at MoxieLash

Magnetic Lashes at Sephora:

Magnetic Lashes at One Two Cosmetics: 

Magnetic Lashes at Lash Liner

Magnetic Lashes on Amazon:

Magnetic Lashes at Walmart

Magnetic Lashes at Anthropology 

Clevermore Essentials Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner 

Magnetic Lashes at Ardell

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