Ever since magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner hit the market, questions started rising. Go to google and you’ll see the top questions like how do they work, what the ingredients are, and which brands are the best. We’ve done the research for you, so, basically,  just read on. 

Luckily for you, and to save you from the frustrating confusion online research can create, I am here to provide all the answers to your questions related to magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner. Whether it is the safety or the method of application you are wondering about, I will introduce you to the REAL science behind it all!

Let’s start by saying that the invention of magnetic lashes for makeup and beauty enthusiasts was and is, life-changing.  If you are a lover of easy-to-apply false lashes and smooth eyeliners, you will understand the struggle we had to go through before the blessing of magnetic eyelashes/eyeliner came to the rescue!

In case you are hesitant about magnetic eyelashes, this is your call: Go for it! Magnetic eyelashes might be intimidating at the beginning, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it. We promise.  The idea behind magnetic eyelashes is simple: Each layer of your falsies contains tiny magnets that connect immediately when you place the upper lash on your natural eyelash and the bottom one underneath it. Yes, no glue and no mess! Although it is better to add a layer of mascara before so that your magnetic eyelashes adhere easily.

The magnetic eyeliner is another way to get the task done. When using your magnetic eyeliner, there will be no need for a second layer of magnetic eyelashes since the magnets in the upper ones will instantly snap onto the liner. Take this lash hack from me: don’t put your magnetic eyelash on until the liner is completely dry. If your liner is wet all, it won’t work well. This will guarantee a stronger grip of the lash on your magnetic eyeliner.

Personally, I like to give my eyelashes a small curl using my eyelash curler before applying mascara and my magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner. This small step will give your eyelashes more shape and takes you closer to those perfect eyelashes you always dreamt of having!

If you’re wondering about the difference between the quality in magnetic lashes, you will find some are better than others. For drugstore magnetic lashes, Ardell gets the best reviews at 3.5 stars. If you want to go the magnetic eyeliner route, Lash Liner and MoxieLash get the highest ratings. And–for the most luxurious, One Two Cosmetics knocks it out of the park. 

What’s fascinating about all of these magnetic eyelashes is the fact that they are reusable and easy to maintain. Since you won’t be applying any mascara or glue on them, no cleaning will be needed. All you need to do is keep them safe in their case after every use, take them off before taking a shower or undergoing an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), and you are ready to go!

Learning how to apply magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes can take time but are definitely worth it. Just practice and be patient!

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