We’re honestly not surprised to see the mega lash brand, Ardell launch their magnetic eyeliner. With the popularity and game-changing effect of magnetic eyeliner, eyelash brands are jumping on the train of innovation and tapping into a new market. Hello, instant lashes without glue. If you’ve ever tried applying liner infused with iron particles with your magnetic lashes, you quickly learn how life-changing they are in the lash department. 

Here's what people are saying about the Ardell Magnetic eyeliner! Reviews, thoughts and more!

But, just because Ardell copied the original trendsetters, MoxieLash, doesn’t mean they are on par. Of course, the price difference is rather dramatic since Ardell is around $17 and higher-end brands like Lashliner are around $80 for a complete kit, we’ve got to wonder how the reviews are stacking up. 

Review of Ardell magnetic eyeliner, how it works and if it's worth the money. Is it really a bargain?

Remember, Ardell might be known for their lashes, but that doesn’t mean they are known for innovation and high quality. In fact, they are the budget-friendly option for most lash addicts—but they are a “one and done” situation. 

Also, Ardell got terrible ratings for their version of magnetic lashes in general even though, they are the best for a drugstore option. And if you don’t believe the ratings, try them yourself and you’ll see why. They are hard as hell to apply—and that’s being generous. 

Back to the new Ardell magnetic eyeliner, do we think they really compare to brands like MoxieLash, Lashliner, and Glamnetics? Nah. You can tell just from the pics they are nowhere near the quality of lashes. But for a quarter of the price, it might be worth it. Let’s check out the real reviews. 

Sally Beauty has three reviews so far of the Ardell Magnetic Eyeliner—all of which rate a 5 out of 5! Not bad, but still, that’s only three reviews as appose to the thousands that others brands have. 

Here is one what reviewer said (the only reviews of the Ardell Magnetic Eyeliner on Ardell’s website) “First, going you have to understand that this liner is going to be very thick because it has the magnetic properties in it. So with that being said, I found it easy to use. If you want your normal wing I suggest using your eyeliner first then to it off with Ardell’s magnetic eyeliner. Once you have your swipe of magnetic eyeliner on, which I was able to achieve right next to my eyelash line; put your eyelash on while the eyeliner is still damp. The strip of eyelash pops on and does not let go until you are ready to take it off, I put the eyeliner on my other eye did the eyelash and I wore my beautiful lashes all day and part of the night. When I took them off that night I simply gently pulled them off and carefully used an oil-based makeup remover with a q-tip to clean the magnets off and then used and cotton round with some oil-based makeup remover and the eyeliner came off easily. I simply LOVE this product!!! It is hands down the best!!! I am allergic to adhesives and this has opened the door for me, Thank you, Ardell!!! I love the Wispies more than these but these are good for the days you want a less than a Wow factor day. But I still think I will wear Wispies mostly.”

Other than these few reviews, there’s really not much to report on the Ardell magnetic eyeliner. It’s definitely the drugstore version of a more luxury item that’s already been flying off the shelves like hotcakes. We say, if you want to try it, give it a go! But, if you want a more hand-crafted, unique vibe to up your lash game, this probably is not going to be your best bet. You’ll never know until you check it out! 

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