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5 best magnetic eyelashes to buy!

Skip the glue all together and dive into the world of magnetic eyelashes. If you want to save yourself some time, drama, and the health of your lashes try falsies with tiny magnets on the band that alleviate the need for adhesives. Today, we’re showing you the top 5 magnetic lashes everyone is talking about on the internet and giving the highest reviews of. From feathery and lightweight drugstore favorites to the ones you’re seeing all over Facebook with easy-on, magnetic eyeliner application. 

  1. Best Full Lash: Love Lash Magnetic Lash

If you’re not a fan of the subtle look, these seriously full and long lashes from Love Light Cosmetics should do. They bring the drama of any mascara ad you’ve had major lash-envy over in your favorite magazine (we all know they add a lash-strip anyways). 

2. Best Accent Lash: One-Two Cosmetics Magnetic Lash 

If you don’t want to commit to an entire strip of magnetic lashes, One-Two-Cosmetics has some options. From the Natural Half Lash to the Bold Accent Lash, One-Two-Cosmetics created high-quality magnetic lashes that add just a touch of subtle glam, or serious drama. 

3. Best Budget Lash: Ardell magnetic lashes

We all love a bargain, right? Ardell has some of the best budget friendly magnetic lashes of all like the Ardell Accent lash is style #001. This style has crazy good reviews, and plus, the set is under $15! You can’t beat the price.

4. Best Natural Lash: MoxieLash Baby Magnetic Lash

You know when you want the look of lashes but you don’t want everyone to know you actually have them on? Check out the MoxieLash Baby magnetic lash style. Once it’s on your lash-line, it blends seamlessly into your own. Plus, you can easily apply them with MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner. 

5. Best Lengthening Lash:  Ardell Magnetic Lash #110

Lengthen your lashes and make them pop with the Ardell Magnetic Lash #110. They are the perfect amount of length, glam, and dramatic fringe. Plus, they are also super budget friendly and last all day!

Have you tried any of these magnetic lashes before? Let us know which ones you love!